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EUREKA tokens are functional cryptographic tokens interacting with the EUREKA Platform
and the public Ethereum Blockchain. EUREKA tokens are non-refundable and are not for
speculative investment. EUREKA tokens are not securities and are not a participation in EUREKA Blockchain Solutions
GmbH. EUREKA tokens hold no rights in EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH. EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH (incorporation and registration in process), will become
a provider of technology to publishers both indirectly and directly, and will develop all.


Although, the blockchain-based system aims for decentralisation, a centralised backend provides a convenience layer to access the blockchain. Besides this backend, the infrastructure consists of a frontend part and a blockchain part. The frontend is a webbrowser that gets its content from the backend. The frontend needs to have MetaMask installed which provides a web3 interface to Ethereum.

EUREKA tokens and platform are used for: 

  1. Submitting articles for review
  2. Proving ownership of observations and research output with timestamping
  3. Upvoting and downvoting articles with EKA micropayments
  4. Voting for awards and prizes 
  5. Paying the submission fee, which includes a fee for operating costs and a variable fee to reward two or more peer reviewers
  6. Automatically connecting peer reviewers with manuscript submissions
  7. REWARD ratings from peer reviewers can be used anywhere
  8. Rewarding peer reviewers, authors for citations and for having exceptional REWARD ratings
  9. Research funding using smart contracts: Releasing funds for studies, peer review once conditions have been met
  10. Token pledges, awards and prizes contributed by organisations for scientists and researchers to reach set milestones and help solve society’s problems
  11. Decentralised, peer-to-peer crowdfunding from the general public to directly pay scientists around the world to conduct research studies on the EUREKA Platform into under-researched diseases and ailments 
  12. In the EUREKA Marketplace as a quality measure for research proposals  

Token Sale 

Token Allocation 

• Offering one-click journal/conference rating platform via the EUREKA convenience
layer including data analytics. Revenues are generated from fees.

• Integrating EUREKA to existing scientific conference management systems enabling
additional services for those systems. Revenues are generated from fees.

• Further revenue streams envisioned e.g., by providing a funding platform or
sponsoring best paper awards with EUREKA tokens in exchange of small fee for
each reference.

Advantages of investing in EUREKA

  • EKA tokens will be used by universities globally, including existing clients of ScienceMatters 
  • Secure, stable, and well-regulated crypto business environment in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Established team with high profile scientific advisory board members
  • Loyalty bonus of 1%2 . 1% of all payment transactions on the EUREKA Platform with EUREKA tokens will automatically go to the active token holders in proportion to the stake or share of total EKA in circulation that is owned by the holder. This will be on a continual basis and the loyalty bonus is allocated to the holder whenever the token holder makes a transaction in EKA. To qualify as an active token holder, the token holder needs to have made one transfer or transaction in EKA in the preceding 12 months, which means transferring EKA from one wallet to another. The entitlement to the loyalty bonus accrued since the last EKA transaction and will be paid out automatically and simultaneously to the active token holder each time a holder makes a transaction in EKA. After 12 months of inactivity, defined as a EKA token holder making no transactions in EKA, the token holder forfeits any loyalty bonus accrued during the inactive period, and it will be redistributed to the loyalty bonus pool until they are deemed to be active again.
  • Profits from EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH may be used by EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH to purchase EKA tokens, and these tokens may be distributed to active holders as a loyalty bonus at the discretion of EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH.

if you have read this article and are interested in this project please join us.


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